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Reviews Celebrating Our Clinical Care & Patient Success

Tom W, May 6

Fantastic care and brilliant staff, they got me back on my feet after a double partial knee replacement and gave me all the knowledge I need to move forward.

Sue H, Feb 23 

I cannot praise the post-operative rehabilitation process at Manly Waters highly enough. I chose to attend for the second time (having had a very good experience recovering from my other hip replacement 5 years ago). It didn’t disappoint! From the initial assessment and the very courteous and friendly welcome each time I attended to the twice-weekly physio and hydrotherapy sessions, the doctor’s consultation and the final assessment – all were professionally managed and were an important step on the road to my recovery. The level of care of the physios was excellent. They were able to make small adjustments in technique that made a huge difference. They supported patients who had a wide range of post-operative needs with patience, were always encouraging and were genuinely invested in each of us. 

Eight weeks post-op, I am back at work teaching full-time. Thank you so much! 

Guy M, Rehab

Manly Waters tailored rehabilitation and hydrotherapy put my mum on the road to recovery. Before rehab it was an effort for her to cross the road with my help, afterward she was light as a feather!
She found the staff kind, helpful and encouraging.
We could not recommend this hospital more.

Jean – March 23

To All Manly Waters Staff (Day & Night). I cannot put into words how much me and my family appreciate your warmth, support and dedicated care I received during my stay at Manly Waters. I am so grateful to be leaving on my two legs! Although this has been a painful journey I can in all honestly say I have huge respect for Australian people who opened their arms wide in my time of need. I certainly hope I was a “good” patient as I leave here with admiration for Manly Waters Hospital Staff not forgetting all the delicious food prepared by the chef and delivered by the kitchen staff always with a smile and a word of encouragement. Thanks also to the cleaners for keeping my room so spotless. Thank you all very much! Glad to go home to my loving family but there is sadness leaving you and my beautiful room with a stunning view. Take care and best wishes for the future. You are a great team. Lots of fond memories & love, Jean (still for some “Catherina”).

Magdalena Ciobanu – November 23

I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Mrs Kerri Clare and Dr. Jashnany from Manly Waters Private Hospital and to all the staff, who took care of me after a knee surgery.
After the surgery I had a tough journey and with their kindness, empathy and professionalism they helped me în each step of my recovery
Special thanks to each member of the team for the care they offered me.
I can’t express enough my gratitude to all of them.

Manly Waters Private Hospital is an example all other private hospitals should learn to evaluate. Their staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable with nothing to hard for them to do to make one’s stay comfortable and with empathy, particularly with some patients whom are very I’ll and not in full control being extremely difficult to handle. If any criticism it would be the standard of the meals which while filling are very basic. One area where the hospital is excellent is in the rehabilitation area where the staff are excellent in their care of their patients.